Special Services

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e-milles creations understands your needs, study and planning solutions based on international standards, in order to ensure optimum performance, ease of use and operation for the company’s VOIP call center.

ΑRegardless of size, in collaboration with the company Digital-Opsis, constructing the Voip Call Centers HERMES PBX, with the configuration you want and give solutions that really solve your hands in the communications.

We undertake design and construction of new facilities, and optimization support of existing installations.

The service includes :
  • The presence of study and enterprise premises.
  • Discussion with the customer for the solution probably has estimated.
  • Consulting services of experienced Engineers.
  • Illustrating a sketch of the wiring routes.
  • Making the list of materials necessary for the completion of the installation.
  • Installation channels.
  • Cabling installation.
  • Distribution Installation.
  • Terminations ready at any point depending on the study.
  • Install System Voip call center.
  • Test Events integrated with specific scenarios.
  • Installation and Equipment Certification.
  • Maintenance procedures.

Possibilities Voip Call Center HERMES PBX:

  • Embedded Device:
    The call centers manufactured by our company, is embedded devices, based on the Linux operating system and application Asterisk.

  • Lines Association:
    Base your needs, the Call Center you can have as lines you want from OTE, or another provider. The lines can be either BRI (at smaller facilities), or PRI (in larger installations).

  • Scalability Interior:
    The center is fully scalable to what you want inside (max 256 / ip) at no extra cost.

  • Foreign lines OTE scalability or other provider:
    The upgrade has additional costs, the value of s card / s, additional lines of BRI, PRI.

  • Electronic literature:
    The center planning so that after a brief greeting to the customer who calls to direct any part of your company wants by typing the appropriate number.

  • Voice Mail:
    Each of the users of the call center has the ability to use Voice Mail, in cases that are not available or set the device in an «Do not Disturb».

  • Ability to send the Voice Mail to E-mail:
    Ability to send files with Voice Mail wav format to e-mail users for immediate alarm.

  • Hearing Messages:
    The center provides the opportunity of hearing and voice message management, not only in the working environment but also from any telephone outside office anywhere in the world.

  • Conference:
    The center has the ability to conference with those who do you want users simultaneously.

  • Hold:
    There is an opportunity waiting to music of your choice.

  • Transfer:
    Portability phone call from one user to another very easily.

  • Auto Registration Call:
    The center has the ability to record numbers of incoming and outgoing calls as well as those who have not answered, with a view date and time.

  • Auto registration Phonecall:
    The center is able to record all incoming and outgoing telephone calls to a hard disk in the form of wav.

  • Phone Book:
    Possibility of electronic telephone directory.

  • Outlook:
    Ability to connect to the phone book of Microsoft Outlook.

  • Cost peanuts calls:
    The call center has the ability to connect to any traditional telephony provider, OTE, TELLAS, WIND, VODAFONE, VIVODI, FORTHNET, ALTEC, HOL but also to the Internet via cable ADSL, telephone calls at little cost without any extra card is ie "thoroughbred" Voip call center. The center is ready for this operation without additional cost. The only thing you need to do is make sure to provide connection ADSL, which can provide you and us, then you demand.

  • VPN:
    If you have enable a static ADSL connection and if the modem or the Switch providing the connection allows Virtual Private Network connection, you can connect from anywhere in the world (from an other company) having a personal computer and a connection ADSL, to your office. The system considers that we are within your premises and lets you make hang around the world as if you were really there. In this way communication with someone you find your representative on a business trip can be done with free calls to and from your office, as you may call any number within and outside Greece with a minimum charge.
The product is offered either "single" to create the customer the local Voip Call Center, whether in the form of maintenance contract, which gives the advantage to always maintain the equipment in the best possible performance.