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The system MRKPlace provides Productivity and Communication Effectiveness in shipping companies.
Firstly, customers have the ability to input easily and fast their Requests For Quotation.
Secondly, they determine the criterias through which the system will automatically decide about supplier’s suitability.
Finally, the system will automatically promote the request to hundred different destinations.

Respectively, MRKPlace system provides to suppliers the ability to receive big number of demands straight from system’s customers, thus suppliers increase their sales vertically. The system connects a Customer with Hundreds of Suppliers and a Supplier with Hundreds of Customers all over the world.

The system also offers effective Case Follow-up with Electronic Correspondence and Control of every process that takes place each time. Moreover, the use of Peak Technology is the one that provides to each company (both customers and suppliers) the opportunity to negotiate fast, without producing useless messages to and by the companies, as only the useful information messages are promoted by suppliers to customers. Also, the use of right Technology provides Transaction Safety.

Finally, MRKPlace is a Completely Automated and Pioneering Application. The application is based on Real Time Information Transmission and provides the capability of Electronic Record Keeping.

Page Flipper - Elnavi Monthly Shipping Review

The technology Page Flipper is commonly used by traditional publishers that want to create a digital version of their physical document/paper/magazine.

The illusion of having a tangible document on your computer is supposedly more powerful with the Page Flipper since it mimics the natural way of browsing through a physical document, yet at the same time allows the user to use the traditional electronic benefits like searching through a document, jumping to a certain page, links to external websites etc.

In our example, one of the issues of the ELNAVI Monthly Shipping Review, which we are responsible for the Electronic Editing, the Artistic and Layout Editor, since 2004.

Panorama Imaging

Panorama Imaging is a full service provider of immersive imaging technology, geared towards enhancing advertisement, marketing and information needed for businesses.

Our solutions give the ability to capture, to process, to host, and to distribute panoramic images and virtual tours.

Our developing team includes experts from different principles like digital imaging, embeded control and web design.

The benefits of Panorama Imaging immersive technology are boundless.